Trans Links


Links for people that identify as Trans*. That have been helpful to myself. – resource/info central – FTM science guide about being ftm and T plus surgeries FTM group in Los Angelos CA Scientific Journal about the effects of T on the singing voice – FTM site about the effects on T on your voice plus other resources about being FTM – FTM Resource site – a story about a trans man and how he came to being FTM – Trans Friendly site with Trans Chat 24/7 suicide prevention FTM Resources – Trans Resources Education source about everything Trans A safe space to talk about all things Trans related – Ask anything about being trans and they will find an answer for you FTM resources A group of Trans Guys talking about all things being FTM – the Trans Enough Project. An inspiring and empowering video. Femme FTM Gavyn Dean Sims Emery Rose Quincy a Trans man from So Cal – Emery Rose Quincy a Trans man from Southern Cali – CN Lesters blog about music and being FTM – CN Lester a trans man in London – FTM confessions of how one feels being an ftm – FTM resource site Trans resources Trans books Health info for Trans folk – Trans 101 – Explaining what Gender is – GLBT National Help Center – Exotic Fantasy Packers


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