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Posted: May 24, 2013 in All Things Trans

So I got stuck out in Kentucky and a friend of mine got me into a shelter. Well…some how me being new to the area and not knowing where in God’s name anything was that was supposed to attend to stay in the shelter was I got my butt exited today. It really frustrates me that our help systems have gone down the drain. When you try to find help or get help all they really ever do is flush you down the drain even more then where you where standing in your own pile of poo.


So my life seems to be just going farther and farther down the hell hole. *sighs heavily with grief written in my sea greenish blue eyes* 

I lost my job in Texas as a Correctional Officer at the Estelle Unit in Riverside,Texas. Got kicked out of my ex girlfriends home then went to a friend and he got sent to jail and was my mentor at my job. Then my other mentor the female one got caught being a dirty officer and resigned just in time or she would be in a jail too. And thus I just being the good person that I am get trapped in that craziness and all the hate from my supervisor over me being an out transgender man and pan-sexual  So I hope for one day that being gay is not just brave anymore and that it is fine in societies eyes. 

Moved to Florence, Kentucky because that is where my best friend that has been there for me for 6 years and a pen pal of mine is and I know it is safe. 

I come from an abusive family and when I could high tail my ass out of there I did from Bozeman,Montana is where I am from. Born in Bakersfield California and raised by my Marine Corps Grandparents in Bozeman,Montana. If you look at my family we are the best family in the world on the outside view point but if you look at what happened in the home it is amazing me, my mom, and aunt are all still alive. 

So, Since I came out of the closet fully as a transgender female to male not wishing to go on hormonal therapy or get surgery and just live my life happily as an IT. My life has circled down as far as the circle can go. 

I hate the fact that I and others that are in the same boots as I am have to fight everyday just to live in this century of hell. In America it is wrong to be anything but straight and men are one way and woman are another. But for God’s sake there is no single gender person out there we are all a mix of male and female and it is all a balance that we fight to become one with. You can’t hide the more femmine guys or masculine woman anymore for the time of hiding is over. AMERICA!!! Please just get over your damn stereotypes and just let love win. 

Anyways…off my soap box.

So, I am trying to find a place to live after the Government of America royally screwed me over when I tried to serve my country in the Navy and then work for the prison system.  I am trying to stay off the streets by working with the local homeless shelter that is in the area. They don’t have any beds but at least they have a drop in center where I can get some food and maybe meet others that have gone through a similar hell like mine.

One day I hope I can help kids of this day and age with music and teach them why it has kept me going and that hopefully one day everything will get better for me and all this hell with just be a funny story and not this living hell that I have to fight on a daily basis and not just  a badge of honor I wear on my shelve everyday. 

The Warrior Song – Leviathan

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The Warrior Song – Hard Corps

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