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Posted: June 8, 2019 in All Things Trans

The tog and pull of the binary on me.

Be a girl, be a man, forget yourself and just meld into society.

Lose the old you and don’t embrace that side. Be tough and strong forget your femine side and be a young man.

Be tough,strong,free willed, an asshole if need be and forget where you came from. Just try to fit in and be ordinary instead of extrodinary.

Be simple,be plain,be bland,and just a man.

I say fuck that society!

I’m me. A man that is two spirit and embraces my femine side with my masculine side.

I’m no cookie cutter man.

I’m not ordinary, I’m different and not ashemed.





Posted: June 8, 2019 in LGBTQ, poems

In the world of pink and blue, I am a rainbow. The outcast with a bright light. Holding on to the edge of life as everything crumbles around me and I get reborn. Rise from the ashes, stronger and made a new. The phoniex with bright blue eyes that shine like the fire inside that keeps me strong.