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Where am I?

Posted: January 29, 2016 in All Things Trans

Where are the words, that used to flow from my hands as easily as taking a breath in and out.

Why have I lost my art?

Why have I lost myself?

Where have I gone?

What have I become?

I used to be full of happiness and now it has faded away from me.

Why am I not happy?

Who is the real me?

Where is my poetry?

I used to be a little bird that would sing when I was sad and make myself happy. Yet that has gone away from me.

Where is my voice?

Where is my song?

Where have I gone?

What has become of me?

All it feels now a days is that I am a cog in the machine. Nothing more nothing less. Not even a human being anymore.

Where is my soul?

Why am I lost in the Matrix?

Just feeling coded and not an individual anymore.

Where am I?

What has become of me?

Why am I a slave to my society?

Just fit in and try your best.

Be the Actress you where meant to be and not the Actor you feel inside.


Where am I?