a gentleman and a scholar

As much as I write about trans issues, particularly those outside of a binary framework, I realised recently that the majority of that writing is about education, media, specific activist events or frameworks.

Not that I think any of that is a bad thing – but it does leave out something that I, and a lot of other trans people, do in our day to day lives – we swap advice on the practicalities of living in a cissexist, transphobic world.

So here’s what I have on navigating the world as someone who does not (or does not primarily, or straightforwardly) live as a man or a woman.* If you’re new to this, I hope it helps. If you’re an old hand, I’d love to hear your advice. It should go without saying that no one should feel obliged to act as I do to have their gender recognised. But…

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My talking my poem out that I did off of a friends tattoos.

An update about my 2013 year and what might happen to me in 2014

Silent Film By: Kay
Update on my life.
Things in Texas did not work. (Lost Job)
Moved to Kentucky, Got homeless. 😦
Moved to California.
Dad + Step Mom – 6 months.
Been Depressed. 😦
Have not found job due to depression of past and dysphoria. (Trans FTM)
I take full account for all my actions.
I will most likely be ending up back on the streets homeless due to my depression.