Irish trans people’s right to their identity delayed by a year

Posted: May 2, 2013 in All Things Trans

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The Transgender Equality Network Ireland are urging supporters to take action after being refused right to request new birth certificates
30 April 2013 | By Demitri Levantis
Irish Bill for Gender Recognition has been pushed back to 2014.

Transgender people will have to wait another year before their real identity is recognized, after Ireland’s Gender Recognition Bill was delayed.

The Republic of Ireland’s bill has been pushed back to 2014 and the Transgender Eqaulity Network Ireland (TENI) is calling for supporters to take action.

The bill is awaiting approval from the Irish parliament’s Heads of Bill. Pushing it back down the legislative agenda has been branded a breach of human rights.

Its passing will make it legal for Irish transgender citizens to request a new birth certificate stating their new gender identity.

TENI are urging allies of the transgender community to send letters to Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton.

Community members are being asked to request new certificates…

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