Found This Journal Entry and Reminds Me of the Excitement I Had About Transitioning

Posted: May 2, 2013 in All Things Trans

TransgenderTangents's Blog

I was looking through my room and I found this journal entry that I had written a while back.

I opened my eyes this morning. Blurry from my lack of glasses or contacts. The soft blue haze centered me: awake. I remembered the clothes I had decided to wear to bed. A loose orange tee shirt under a graphite gray long sleeve shirt. My long winter wool socks bunched at my ankles from my active spurts in sleep. The men’s cotton boxer shorts cooled the bottom half of my body. I couldn’t detect or feel my loose breasts from under the layers. I woke up feeling like a boy. I let a giddy smile form on my lips and stretched through a groan of satisfaction. I threw on a pair of soccer shorts as soon as my legs and feet made their way over the side of the bed. Digging…

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