To Whom it May Concern

Posted: April 27, 2013 in All Things Trans

To Whom it May Concern:

The above link is the discrimination that I had to endure and lost my job over. I had to move out of Texas from all the hate and am now living in a hotel in Kentucky where my friend is. But I am broke due to losing my job for just standing up and being me. And now am going to become homeless on this upcoming Friday when my time runs out on my room. For I don’t have any incoming coming in and people refuse me jobs over the fact that I am not afraid to be the real me that I am deep down inside and it shows on the outside to and it just scares others that I am so loud and proud to be me.

All I want is to be excepted for me and not have to fight in the work force or living situation and that I can just be like all other Americans and live my life peacefully.Also I am a Navy Veteran and I got kicked out of the military for not even stating I am the way that I am they just figured it out due to me going to counseling just a few times. I tried to serve my country with my biological name and in my biological form and I don’t take hormones and I don’t want surgery. I am happy the way the Higher power up stairs made me all I do is cut my hair and wear my gender that I identify with clothing when I am out and about.

If I have to live on the streets just to be free and be me I will do so. I do not wish to do so. But if it is what my Higher Power sees fit for me to do so. Then I guess life is just going to be rough for a little while until it will get before for me. Wish the best of luck for me and thanks for having a place of support for people like me.

Kay Micheal Anderson

  1. I certainly do wish you luck; I wish for a transformation in society, too!

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