The Broke Transman

Posted: April 27, 2013 in All Things Trans

I am officially broke. Living in a hotel room till next Friday and after that I am turning into a bum on the streets of Florence,Kentucky.
I feel happy to be away from family and the hell of Texas but sad that I only had enough to get me here and safe for a little while. Hopefully everything works out for the best for me. sighs heavily with grief shinning brightly through my greenish blue eyes of mine.

I have a little bit of cash in my pocket but that only gives me maybe one day a meal due to this economy.My friend that I have that is broke and living out of her car down here can only give me rides to places thankfully cause of her family down here. But it looks like this Navy veteran will be singing on the street corners of my new town just to get some food and maybe a place to sleep other than the streets come this Friday when I have to leave my hotel.




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