Turkey’s first transgender TV reporter speaks about her struggle and success

Posted: April 19, 2013 in All Things Trans, LGBTQ

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 Michelle Demishevich has progressed from working in nightclubs to being hired as Turkey‘s first openly transgender TV reporter
18 April 2013 | By Anna Leach
Michelle Demishevich presenting on IMC TV in Turkey

Before transitioning, Michelle Demishevich was fired from her job as a newspaper journalist in Izmir, Turkey. Now nearly 15 years later she has been hired by TurkishTV channel IMC as a reporter.

‘I have heard of trans columnists but I am the first trans TV reporter in Turkey,’ Demishevich said to Bianet.org about her dream come true.

‘This is a great feeling indeed. I work for a TV now, I feel its responsibility on my shoulders.’

After moving to Istanbul in 1999 and becoming Michelle (the name is taken from The Beatles’ song), Demishevich didn’t expect to work in journalism again. She spent most of the next decade working for nightclubs and became involved in LGBT rights activism. Her activism led her…

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