My Transitioning Psychology: Being Tested

Posted: April 19, 2013 in All Things Trans

Jess Write (^_^)



Other than transgender people themselves, no one will understand the stresses of having to prove whats going on, once you discover changing is the key to happiness. There are gates in the process we must pass on a case by case basis of which medical professionals you see and how much money you have. Its a pain to be interviewed as if you are lying with therapists while other right ones believe in you.

The big bad review board can be a variety of people. It can be a best friend that cannot accept the fact you will look different but inside they believe you will become another person. You have to prove to them that you will always be the same but highly enhanced and happier. It can be people you love and care about who dislike your situation. Therefore in your best interests, you end up having…

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