8 Weeks on T: Intramuscular Injection Video

Posted: April 19, 2013 in All Things Trans

My Life With Tits

Guess what!  Here’s that injection video I have been promising.  I get cut off at the end, but don’t worry, I come back in print after the video:

Anyway, before my phone alarm went off and interrupted my recording, I was saying that my voice is dropping, and now cracks too.  my shoulders are continuing to fill out, and I noticed a few days ago that when I put on a t-shirt I hadn’t worn since last summer my arms fill it out totally differently.  The shirt is tight around my upper arms and the sleeves come down to where they should–they don’t hang a bit lower like they used to.  Rad.

Otherwise, I’m not noticing much of anything else.  I have had some shitty days, but I’m not ready to attribute them to T rage or anything.  I’ve been sleeping better, and feeling better, since I have gotten back…

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