Male Energy

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Wiccan aka Pagan

TransgenderTangents's Blog

I was taking care of some important shit shirtless today. Some pretty important shit. In boxers without a shirt or binder on. Anyway, as I was connecting with my body, I noticed this incredible sense of male energy. I can’t really describe it other then I was in tune with this core energy that was not female. My shirtless back felt broad and muscular; the peach fuzz on my back bristling from a cold draft. My arms, bearing the brunt of my upper body weight, flexed in perfect symmetry. My forearms taut squarely. It was as if I had tapped into some universal energy that flows freely between guys. In that moment, it was almost if I had felt that way my entire life. Like I had never felt any other way. My brain recognized this profound shift and I could feel it physically. Whatever psychic connection I had felt…

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