Who Am I?

Posted: April 17, 2013 in All Things Trans, LGBTQ

Lost In Transition


I’m having another moment where I feel a bit lost and sort of in a sense of flux.  I don’t feel distressed or sad, but it’s a case of feeling almost like I am a voyeur to some aspects of my own life.

Something inside me has started to actively break away from a past and a life that feels like debris I have left behind.  In that ether there are some people, memories and an existence that are encoded to that time, place and even another name.

I am not ashamed of those days, but I feel empty when I think back to them. It’s like I am taking a glimpse into a time capsule. There are blanks in there too because of the amount of alcohol I would consume out of being unhappy, lacking in confidence and a feeling of malancholia that hung over me like a big…

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