Top Surgery Post-Op Tips

Posted: April 17, 2013 in All Things Trans, LGBTQ

Um, Yeah... Sooo I'm a Dude Now...

I’ve been posting a lot about surgery recently so I am ready to move on to other topics, but I wanted to do one last post about some tips and things to expect when you are freshly post-op from top surgery. Again, these are my experiences only, so keep in mind that everyone experiences post-op differently. Good luck!

Also, this focuses mostly on the first week post-op, when (if you have a double-incision as I did) you are wrapped up in the very tight, uncomfortable bandage with the drains.


Most guys probably want to know right away how much pain you’re gonna be in. Well, obviously everyone has a different threshold for pain so that’s a tough question to answer. I’ve heard from most guys, myself included, that the recovery isn’t actually that painful. For me, the most painful thing was the bandage. It rubbed my skin raw…

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