To “T” or not to “T”

Posted: April 17, 2013 in All Things Trans, LGBTQ


I’m a thinker. And by that I mean I ponder things for a painfully long time. Especially when it comes to making big, life-altering decisions. I need time, a lot of it, so that I can think through my options and examine them from every possible angle. When I was deciding whether or not to have chest surgery, I made lists of pros and cons. And lists of things I’d gain. And lose (beyond the obvious).

I did the same thing with my decision to change my name. And my decision to come out at work. And my decision to ask people to address me by male pronouns. I spent countless hours thinking about how my decisions would affect me—and affect the people close to me. I spent months thinking about who to tell, what to say and how and when to say it. I tried to anticipate their every…

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