My Transitioning Psychology: Label vs Integration

Posted: April 17, 2013 in All Things Trans

Jess Write (^_^)


Personally I do not like labels of any kind. A situation occurs in many that are transitioning and for myself. There are times we will use the label of Transgender then later, integrate into target gender with elimination of that term use. So what comes to my mind why use the term if it will be dropped or is it used temporarily used for what is going on?

Well in the past there was a big debate on what terms were used for what. Currently Transgender is the general term for those that have what used to be called: Gender Identity Disorder in DSM-IV. It would also include that fact that not only is GID present, the individual is taking actions towards aligning to happiness on the gender spectrum. Once transition is complete integration is requested.

My thoughts on this is that yes, use the term transgender to identify solutions…

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