Girl brain… Where did it go?

Posted: April 17, 2013 in All Things Trans, LGBTQ

My transition from Female to Male

I had a realization the other day that my girl brain had disappeared. I was listening to a friend talk about something. She was talking about ex’s. I realized as I sat there listening that I used to do many of those things with the people I had dated/broke up with. But then I realized I could never do any of that again, because I just don’t think like that anymore.

My emotions are so much more in check now. I act more like Spock than a girl. I look at things with logic now. Instead if how it is going to make me feel. I don’t make irrational decisions. This is new for me. This might be why I have been single the entire time I have been on T.

When it comes to another person and relationship, I don’t do the cat and mouse games any more. I…

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