Posted: April 17, 2013 in All Things Trans, LGBTQ

Parker Kierce

Tonight I found a blog written by a mother of a FTM, about her and her family’s experience. Just reading through most recent post I was tearing up, seeing the support and love she has for her son, regardless of his gender identity. The total understanding. That’s all I want from my family. Acceptance, understanding, them to show that they care. If I could see them making any attempt to educate themselves about transgender people / issues beyond what they hear from their conservative, religious friends and reading materials to educate themselves beyond what it says, (or doesn’t say), in the Bible, I’d be ecstatic.

Instead, nothing. I’d love to feel comfortable sharing this blog with them, letting them in and trusting them with how I really feel, what I really think, and what I’m currently stressed out about. I can’t trust them. They don’t have my address, my “real” e-mail…

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