Coming out: The Parents – Part 1

Posted: April 17, 2013 in All Things Trans, LGBTQ


:Cue dramatic sound effect:
The mere thought of telling my parents actually had alarm bells going of, causing mass panic in my head, and while I did not conjure up every possible worst case scenario, as I usually tend to – I think my brain wanted to spare me the hours upon hours of therapy I’d probably have needed after – I was still scared shitless. However at this point, I felt a very urgent need to tell them, because I could say for myself that the point was reached where I didn’t want to and quite frankly just couldn’t keep up pretending anymore. I needed to get everything off my chest. And I needed to do that NOW.

(More or less relevant info on the side: While I live in Ireland now, my parents live in Germany, so the last time I saw them, and thus would’ve had a…

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