Batgirl’s Roomate is Transgendered – a positive or a negative?

Posted: April 17, 2013 in All Things Trans, LGBTQ

Lady Bits & Bobs

In Batgirl#19, DC has revealed that Alysia (Batgirl’s roomate) is actually transgendered – DUN! DUN! DUN!

While you’d think a revelation of this nature would be a huge turning point, or at least the focal point of the issue, Alysia’s revelation is somewhat… minimalistic. In an unremarkable episode of the comic, Alysia has a little chat with her flatmate Barbara (Batgirl) and the nitty gritty of her dating Babs’ evil brother (#drama). In amidst this conversation, Alysia casual drops in that she’s transgendered. The revelation takes up two panels and is neatly tucked away with a quick declaration of friendship between the girls, a hug, and a quick cry. And that’s the end of that.

Considering her confession makes her the first trans character in mainstream comics, you might be surprised by DC’s decision to keep things easy breezy. I mean, there’s not even an emotional flashback to a confusing childhood or…

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