Question Fifteen: How is being trans different from a delusion stemming from a mental health condition?

Posted: April 16, 2013 in All Things Trans, LGBTQ

a gentleman and a scholar

A really interesting question today, and I’m sure one that many people have thought about – panel bios here.


Question Fifteen

I don’t mean this to sound prejudiced or bigoted so please take it in the spirit it is intended.
 So I have suffered from schizophrenia and psychosis. At various times I have had an absolute cast iron conviction that:
 a) that I was a messianic prophet figure, an example to mankind of how they could cast aside their differences and live life in peace. That my life was showing mankind the way to universal harmony
 b) that everybody else in the world had a small glass bowl in which they could observe me and hear my thoughts.
 So obviously if I had come to you with either of the two scenarios above you would have (hopefully) said: ‘I think you have a mental health problem. You should see…

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