My gender is real

Posted: April 14, 2013 in All Things Trans, LGBTQ


Often when discussing the reality of the transgender experience, a debate will evolve around whether gender is determined on the basis of chromosomes (i.e. XY is male and XX is female) or whether gender is a purely social construct.

Someone will usually point out that while one’s sex is usually classified as male and female, gender is a separate concept and is defined around how people exist in the world (i.e. as a man or a woman). Also, someone will likely bring up the existence of intersex individuals (e.g. those who have genetic abnormalities that result in atypical sexual development) as proof that transgenderism is a legitimate condition.

That sex and gender do not always align does not disprove that in the great majority of cases it aligns quite nicely. But sex and gender sometimes misalign, and when this happens, gender confirmation surgery (formerly called sex reassignment surgery) seems to be…

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