Letter from Grandfather

Posted: April 12, 2013 in All Things Trans, LGBTQ

As much as I appreciate the sentiment in your e-mail to me yesterday, and your kind remarks about my mother and Grandma Poppy, I was dismayed by your comment “…but am now your Grandson.” You are not and never can be a son, grand or otherwise to me or anyone else.  I explained in great detail below why that is the case and why it is not in your interest to make those kinds of remarks.


Katy, I understand that this is a political strategy and the centerpiece of the LBGT agenda.  It is working as a political agenda because our society is corrupt.  Our society is corrupt because it has rejected the foundation of Christian values that gave our young nation the strength and vitality to raise a beacon of light and freedom in a world beset by regimes dedicated to slavery of the human spirit.  In the last 30 years or so, the citizens of this great country have been urged by “experts,” today’s leaders in the media, academia, Hollywood and Washington DC, to adopt a hedonistic philosophy of anything goes that springs from assumptions made by these selfsame “leaders” when they were spoiled children participating in anti-war demonstrations in the 60’s.  Their assumptions were wrong then and they are wrong today.  They deny the unique American traditions that sustained our nations’ growth and they ridicule the greatness of those who came before them, all the while steadfastly refusing to acknowledge our actions have consequences to our society and to each of us as individuals.


In the long term, if they prevail, the result will extinguish what we stand for as a country and a people and cast the world once again into darkness.  In the short term, carrying the banner for these nitwits is extremely harmful to individuals like yourself who are told by the architects of the agenda to challenge  the day to day reality of biological fact and human nature and persevere because you serve an army of change, which will make our society better.  Nothing could be further from the truth. There are species that have dual sexuality but the human species does not fall into that category.  You took biology and know that.  Your conduct simply makes you a pawn in a larger game.  If they win, we all lose, but in the meantime, you lose the most of all, yourself.  Don’t be a sucker.  The consequences to you personally will destroy your life physically, mentally and financially.


From a personal standpoint, I must also say I am doubly dismayed when you precede such a remark by the comment “I do not wish to shove it down your throat or Grandma Poppy’s I know you don’t approve of the way I am now,” and then proceed to shove it down our throat by declaring you are our “Grandson,” something you are not now and never can be for the reasons I elucidate below.  Please read what I said and use your brain.  You’re too smart to act so stupid.  Wake up before it is too late.


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