[the gender train]

Posted: March 31, 2013 in All Things Trans, LGBTQ

Park That Car

On my morning commute, I ended up walking directly into a very interesting conversation. I take an open seat near 3 people (2 college students and a middle-aged woman) who are having a discussion about the children’s gender identity clinic here in Chicago. The theme of the conversation seemed to be, “kids don’t know what they’re doing, therefore, shouldn’t medically transition.” They continued talking, seemingly focused on the idea that if a child is trans, it’s because their parents are forcing them to be trans in order to protect them (yes, because nothing says, “life will be easier, kid” quite like being trans…). and finally, the middle-aged woman said, “since none of us are transgender, we don’t know what goes through their heads at a young age.”

This is where I decided to join the conversation, as I had a viewpoint that none of them could directly relate to.


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