A Wiccan Creation Myth

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Wiccan aka Pagan

One Wiccan's Blog

I. In the beginning there exsisted a void. Deep within the void spun an egg. The Great Egg of Life. Within the egg swirled time and space. Ever did it grow.

II. The Eggs shell slowly cracked and crumbled under the pressures building inside. Eventually the last pieces of shell fell away, leaving the thin layer of membrane remaining stretched tightly around the egg, and then the egg erupted, and chaos was born.

III. As the chaos began to settle the majority of the universe was formed, including the earth and moon, and Gaea was born.

IIII. Gaea’s lands were veiled in darkness and barren of life. Cold and lonely The Goddess was overcome with despair, she began to weep. The Earth was completely covered over in her tears and the excesses spun off into the remaining clouds of chaos. Out of the tears and chaos, out of the agony…

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