The naming of parts

Posted: March 26, 2013 in All Things Trans

a gentleman and a scholar

Or, rather – what words can you use when the words typically used don’t make sense for the person you are? And how do you communicate those words to others?

To be less obtuse – for the trans person who would like to avoid the traditional labels for their genitalia – what are the options out there?

It’s not something I’d really given much thought to, being a rather vague and romantic person – hazy and/or humorous seems the way forward in general conversation. And double entendres and bad puns do, sadly, make me smile. Regardless of whether someone is cis or trans, male/female/both/other – it seems only polite to follow their lead in what words to use. Language being, after all, malleable and ever-expanding, and bodies, at the end of the day, unique and fragile and fundamentally separate from the signifiers used to refer to them – no matter…

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