Question Three: How can you respect your body if you get surgery/take hormones?

Posted: March 26, 2013 in All Things Trans

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Question Three

From certain feminists (in particular), there seems to be a recurring question about how you can respect your body, whilst wanting to drastically change it through the use of hormones and surgery?



Roz: I respected my body so much that I didn’t want to dislike it. Also, it wasn’t very male to begin with – no body hair, some curves, aureolas etc.



Natacha:Respecting one’s feelings, one’s mind and one’s spirit, as well as one’s psychological well-being and mental health would seem to me to be far more important in this instance than relatively small parts of one’s body. If one is a woman but has one or more physical characteristics of a man, then one should have the right to alter those characteristics to align one’s body more closely with one’s self-assigned gender. In this sense…

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