Magical thinking – a question for trans readers

Posted: March 26, 2013 in All Things Trans

a gentleman and a scholar

Just a small thought, but one that amuses me more than it upsets me.


Are you familiar with the sensation, when in terrible pain, and crying out/breaking down – that, even if you’re alone, that surely something/someone has to come to comfort you? A kind of subconscious, irrational expectation – to be held, and soothed? And coupled with a sense of disbelief – that it can’t be possible to be in such pain?


I feel something of the same sensation when it comes to my body. Without consciously desiring to engage in magical thinking, it very much feels as though a childish and instinctive part of my mind is convinced that, at some point, my body will just come right. Because it’s so ridiculous that it’s not right, and I’ve been ever so good, and shouldn’t such a silly problem be sorted? Kind of: “Excuse me, my good…

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