Beautiful People- What lies between F&M

Posted: March 26, 2013 in All Things Trans

Jodie Hodgson Photography

What Lies Between F&M was inspired by photographers such as Andy Karol and a close personal friend. I wanted to work with a varied age range of models and be able to explore gender and sexuality.

“What Lies Betwwen F&M” brings gender fluidity and variance center stage with its black and white nude portraits of subjects expressing their own “Self-made” gender. Together, the subjects and I collaborated on the posing that would best express their own gender variance. It was important for me to include a wide age range of the people who identify at various places on the gender spectrum, as well. The project includes individuals who identify as transgender.

All subjects were digitally photographed in the nude and in binders using at home backdrop and lit with available light. To me,there is nothing more beautiful than natural light beaming through curtains on the naked skin. The natural light…

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