Another thing I would like cis people to know

Posted: March 26, 2013 in All Things Trans

a gentleman and a scholar

I’m not trying to make you feel awkward.


No, genuinely. No matter how much I may despise our current binary gender system, and the sexist and unpleasant ways it manifests itself in this culture, I’m not doing this to get a reaction.


And, when we’re all trying to get along, and I have to stick my oar out, and you’re embarrassed, and I’m embarrassed – I’d love it if we could just skip that. I’d love to live in a world where none of us had to feel awkward, or worry that we were getting something wrong, or feel like we’d done the incorrect thing simply by behaving in a natural way.


Probably the thing I personally despise most about media stereotypes of trans people is that we’re not shown as whole people – being trans is the only thing we do. But the nurses, writers, musicians…

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