A misconception about being androgynous/genderqueer/other

Posted: March 26, 2013 in All Things Trans

a gentleman and a scholar

As an alternative to the binary categorisation of  gender (and/or sex), there are many who prefer a ‘gender spectrum’ model – women at end, men at the other, other genders somewhere in the middle. An improvement in some ways – but contributing to a misconception that I’ve heard used against trans people who are neither men nor women (or perhaps both, or variable) – that, not being women, we must have moved ‘up’ the gender spectrum in the eyes of the world, and have acquired some degree of male privilege in any dealings with society at large.


I can only speak from my own life, and from that of friends – but the number of times I’ve been granted male privilege is tiny, in comparison with my quotidian experience. Where the majority consider ‘male’ and ‘female’ the only two options, being an openly androgynous/GQ person doesn’t bring me closer…

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