Posted: January 20, 2013 in All Things Trans

So everything seemed to be going well with me and my girl named Laura after I exited the Navy and that is where I had found her. I though me and her where soul mates when I meet her and she had just gotten out of a messy relationship with a man. I moved from my hometown down to hers to be with her. I looked for a job other then with the state institution aka prison and in the end had to get a job with the prison. I went through all the training and then she started beauty school and everything seemed alright. But in the end after 8 months I was too much of a boy and gentlemen then a country hick and man for her. So we broke it off and I introduced her to a work buddy of mine and now she is with them and is happy. And I am happy for the both of them. My work friend told me to try dating again and try an online site. I did and meet a wonderful girl named Jazmine. Me and her have been dating for 4 days and everything just clicks with us. It makes me so happy to be happy with her and have her understand me and not be used like I have so much in my past. I am also happy my friend Laura is in a relationship and happy with my work buddy and that he is happy also. So everything happens for a reason no matter what and things always get better in the end.


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