Email’s From Grandfather

Posted: January 3, 2013 in All Things Trans

Katy- This is what I sent your Mom earlier today and is what I was just trying to tell you but you are in your locked up, tunnel vision phase that occurs every time you get caught up with a fixation that you have reinforced over and over on-line, often with people who are just telling you crap and who certainly don’t know or care about you in the least. I can assure you that none of them are who they claim to be.

You can verify the medical facts of what you are considering if you want to really understand the risks but you don’t, you never do, you’ve just bought into a mondo bizarro reality that doesn’t exist anywhere except in your imagination. I am sorry to be so blunt but GP and I have spent your whole life protecting you and we aren’t going to stop now, even when the greatest danger of all is what you are planning to do to yourself.

We have lived a long time and seen a lot of life and know you better than anyone else on earth. What I describe below is the future you face. Don’t do it.

At least stop and think about what you think the result will be. I can assure you the reality will be nothing like the fuzzy, addle brained future you vaguely imagine. The reality will be dark, dreary, painful, depressing and short. I’m sorry but that is the brutal, unvarnished truth.

Now get your damned head out of your ass.

What you need is psychological help because you have a psychological problem. It is not a problem that can be fixed by altering your physical. What needs to be addressed is the source of the psychological problem. If that is not addressed, you will suffer greatly as you grow older, no matter what things you do to your physical self.

Love, GD and GP

Hi Honey!

Sorry to hear that about Katy. Once she goes down that road there is no coming back.

Sadly, when she gets older, she will wish she hadn't done something so stupid and harmful to her health but then it will be too late.

You can't grow new tits once you lop them off. The irony is she has no money but she will spend what she has maiming herself just because some wackos on a website blog tell her she should. Dumb and dumber getting the dumbest to be like them, when I bet a thousand dollars the ones telling her to do it haven't done it themselves. They just want someone to be even freakier than they are.

Katy is so damn gullible and then she gets stubborn and has to defend her decision like it is all about her when some other jerk planted the seeds in her mind and helped them take root, when they would never do something so stupid themselves.

The real tragedy is that Katy can't get it through her thick head that most of the crazy ideas we have when we are 19 are bad.

Most of us are lucky and survive those years with no permanent damage but when you screw up the incredible body God gave you and poison and deform yourself, what you are left with is invariably ugly and repulsive.

Nobody loves the ugly and repulsive and they sure don't love themselves. She will just end up a lonely old freak with a lot of medical problems and a severely shortened life span.

How incredibly sad.

Oh well, you can't cure stupid.

Mom and I are going swimming.

Have a great evening!

Love, Dad

             Dearest  Dad-
             Hey,  what's  up?  It's  just  good  old  me  over  here-  Well,  it  was  nice  having  Diana  stop  on  by-  Thanks  again  for  your  help-  Well,  I  did  not  want  to  mention  anything  on  Christmas  so  I  waited-  When  Katy  and  I  where  talking  I  just  wanted  to  give  you  a  heads  up  on  what  she's  up  to-  Katy  will  be  going  into  counsling  for  transgendor  by  the  end  of  this  year  or  the  begining  of  next  year-  This  is  what  she's  up  to-  She  has  my  opinion-  Anyways,  I  thought  I'd  bring  you  up  to  speed-
             Well,  today  I  took  off  to  just  chill'  and  hang  out  today-  Janice  gets  back  to  work  Friday-  Everything  is  fine  over  here-  I'm  coping  with  things  ok-  Anyways,  that's  the  scoop-  Enjoy  the  time  you  have  left  on  your  adventure  in  the  islands-  Write  more  later-

Love ya’ Carrie Berry


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